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While Berman Property Solutions directly provides many of the services we offer, we also partner with trusted experts for certain elements, in order to provide you with a comprehensive solution. When we do this, we will make the proper introductions and then coordinate effectively with these partners. Together, we bring you a seamless solution that addresses all of your needs.

The mission of Berman Property Solutions is to work closely with individuals in transition to develop and execute a customized plan to address your specific needs. With 85 years of experience, we help people through transitions and manage family dynamics in difficult and emotional situations.

We strive to provide a comprehensive solution for all needs related to dealing with the contents of the home as well as the sale of the real estate. In doing so, we want to help our clients maximize the cash they receive for their assets in the least amount of time possible.

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If you are interested in a potential partnership with Berman Property Solutions, please contact us:

By email: mshear@BermanPropertySolutions.com

By phone: 508-753-3989

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