Transitional Solutions

Are you facing a transitional situation?  Are you considering a move to a new home?  Are you, a family member or client downsizing, dealing with a move to senior living or a nursing home, or settling the estate of a family member who has passed away?

This can be a very stressful time. You may feel overwhelmed at the amount of work needed to get to the point where you can actually sell the home. You want to be respectful of the owner or former owner of the home, addressing the contents they have accumulated over the years with care and attention to detail. You may want to maximize the outcome from the real estate sale as quickly as possible, because those funds are needed to pay for the new living situation. Or, you may “just want to be done with this”, because you live far away and/or your busy life cannot accommodate many more to-do’s.

Berman Property Solutions is the place to which to turn for advice and the development and execution of a customized plan of action to turn assets into cash – by selling your real estate and/or dealing with the contents of your house.

We offer a variety of solutions. We can bundle them, serve as a single point of contact, and manage the entire process for you, or can offer individual services to you, depending on your needs. Our goal is to reduce your stress and the time and effort you need to devote to this process.

Berman Property Solutions will bring the knowledge, organization, expertise and caring approach that has made us successful for 85 years.

Here is an overview of the services we provide:


We will meet with you to discuss the transitional situation you are facing. After we understand your goals, needs and desired timeline, we will draft a customized plan. We will meet with you again to review the plan and determine how to move forward. After we agree on the approach, we will put together plans for execution and begin the work.

Real Estate Sales

We are licensed Real Estate Brokers and Realtors, as well as licensed Auctioneers.   Depending on your needs and the situation, we can sell your real estate via traditional brokerage, an auction–by-choice or through our unique hybrid method. Click on these links to learn more about our methods, experience, and results.

Estate and Personal Property Sales

Various methods exist to efficiently sell the contents of a home. An estate or tag sale is one approach, while a personal property auction – in person, online or a combination of the two – is another method.

We will work together with you and our trusted partners to determine the best approach to selling your or your client’s personal property. Where it makes sense, we may synchronize a personal property auction with a real estate auction-by-choice to create an event and increase excitement and attendance.

Property Management and Repair

In some situations, it makes sense to do repairs to your home prior to trying to sell it. In other circumstances, it may make more sense to offer the real estate “as is”, if the repairs will be time-consuming or may not generate enough money to make the expense worth it.

If you determine that repairs do make sense, or if you need someone to take care of the property while it is on the market, we can provide a list of trusted resources who have extensive experience in these areas.

Move Management

Figuring out what to do with the contents of your home can be one of the bigger challenges associated with a transition and can often stand in the way of getting started.

We work with professional Move Managers who can assist you or your client with this critical and often emotional step in the process. These experts can help with:

  • Sorting through belongings – to determine what to keep, what to give to family and friends, what to donate, what to sell and what to throw away
  • Determining floor plans at your new residence
  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Moving
  • Storage


Berman Property Solutions can offer help with personal property appraisals and can provide referrals for real estate appraisals.

We take great pride in meeting the federal government’s U.S.P.A.P. (Uniform Standards Professional Appraisal Practice) principles, acknowledged as the industry’s only acceptable format and code of ethics. All of our appraisers attend continuing education programs to stay current on emerging trends and rule changes. Our wide-ranging experience as auctioneers tells us exactly where to find item values to support our valuation estimates.

All of our Appraisers have been trained in U.S.P.A.P. methods and hold designations and affiliations with the following organizations:

  • P.A. (Master Personal Property Appraiser)
  • P.A. (National Association of Professional Appraisers)
  • A. (National Auctioneers Association)
  • A.A. (Massachusetts State Auctioneer Association)
  • P.A.P Compliant

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