Commercial Services

Berman Property Solutions (formerly Berman Auctioneers and Appraisers) has served the commercial market for 85 years. We have specialized in assisting attorneys, banks and other lending institutions, as well as courts and other official clients, address real estate and personal property needs. We provide services associated with court-ordered sales (receiver, foreclosure, bankruptcy); resolution of private disputes (through auction-by-choice or traditional real estate brokerage); and appraisals.

Our deep experience and expertise in the Commercial arena spans across a wide range of clients and situations, including:

  • Court-ordered and official work for:
    • Court-Appointed Receivers
    • Bankruptcy Trustees
    • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts – Real Estate Sales for the Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM) and MassDOT
  • Banks and Financial Institutions – Real Estate and Personal Property Sales
  • Resolution of Legal Issues – Wills, Probate, Divorce, Foreclosure and Other Private Matters

Berman Property Solutions is focused on solving each individual client’s problems.  We develop and execute a customized plan to address your specific needs. We have decades of experience in quickly converting assets to cash at market value, in a non-contestable manner. We are experienced at working with professionals and bring the demeanor, accountability, solution orientation, communication skills and reporting capabilities that are essential in professional situations. We will take the entire project off of your hands by managing the end-to-end process and will deliver desired results in a timely manner.

Real Estate Auctions

Foreclosure auctions are a reality of the economy and we handle such sales for banks and lending institutions. Selling real estate at auction, however, is not just about distressed properties. In many cases, selling real estate through an auction-by-choice is the best option for property owners. It can be particularly helpful for families or estate executors that need to sell a home left by a friend or relative who has died.

Rather than listing a home or commercial property for sale and letting it sit on the market for what could be an extended period of time, an auction-by-choice generates a heightened sense of urgency and excitement, because potential buyers know that the sale is going to happen on a specific date and they have to bid high on that day to secure it. A well-conducted and well-promoted auction will reap the true market value of the property, because it drives prices in an upward direction. People bid up to what they see as the value of the property, as opposed to potential buyers reacting to an “asking” price, and then trying to negotiate the price down.

Berman Property Solutions (formerly Berman Auctioneers & Appraisers) has handled numerous auction-by-choice sales in recent years, where the sale price ended up being tens of thousands of dollars higher than what the seller had considered asking for the property through a traditional listing approach.

Personal Property Auctions

Personal Property is a technical term that means any kind of physical asset that is not land or buildings. In addition to our real estate sales division, Berman Property Solutions (formerly Berman Auctioneers & Appraisers) specializes in evaluating business assets and the contents of estates, and then selling those assets at auction.

We routinely deal with business inventory and capital equipment that needs to be sold as part of a business liquidation. We also work with families and executors to appraise and auction the contents of a decedent’s estate. Over the years, we have dealt with every kind of major asset, including construction equipment, cars, trucks, boats and airplanes.


Berman Property Solutions (formerly Berman Auctioneers & Appraisers) provides exceptional appraisals for commercial and personal property. We are well-recognized by the banking community, including U.S. Bankruptcy Court, trustees, probate and divorce attorneys, as well as state and federal taxing authorities. We also offer help with business valuations, estate properties, and provide referrals for real estate appraisals.

Berman Property Solutions takes great pride in meeting the federal government’s U.S.P.A.P. (Uniform Standards Professional Appraisal Practice) principles, acknowledged as the industry’s only acceptable format and code of ethics. All of our appraisers attend continuing education programs to stay current on emerging trends and rule changes. Our wide-ranging experience as auctioneers tells us exactly where to find item values to support our valuation estimates.

All of our Appraisers have been trained in U.S.P.A.P. methods and hold designations and affiliations with the following organizations:

  • M.P.P.A. (Master Personal Property Appraiser)
  • N.A.P.A. (National Association of Professional Appraisers)
  • N.A.A. (National Auctioneers Association)
  • M.S.A.A. (Massachusetts State Auctioneer Association)
  • U.S.P.A.P Compliant

Whatever your appraisal needs, Berman Property Solutions has the necessary experience and credibility to value your assets and ensure that those valuations will be accepted.

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