Transitional Solutions Process

How We Work Together With You

  1. Consultation – We meet with you to discuss your needs and objectives
  2. Customized Plans – We develop and share a customized plan/ options to address your needs and objectives
  3. Agree on Action – We meet again to agree on how we will proceed with each element of your solution
  4. One Point of Contact – Berman Property Solutions can serve as your one point of contact for your end-to-end solution
  5. Marketing – We promote the sale of your real estate and the sale of your personal property through a variety of state-of-the-art digital and traditional advertising approaches
    1. We are members of MLS and LoopNet
    2. We employ today’s digital methods of advertising
    3. We use offline methods of advertising, as appropriate, including signage and advertising in select periodicals
  6. Coordination and Oversight – We coordinate with and oversee efforts of trusted partners on work related to:
    1. Sale/disposition of your personal property
    2. Appraisals
    3. Move management
    4. Home repairs and property management
  7. Sale of Your Real Estate – We sell your real estate according to the method we agree is best-suited to meet your individual needs
    1. Traditional real estate brokerage
    2. Auction-By-Choice
    3. Our unique hybrid approach – where we offer the real estate through traditional brokerage and auction-by-choice, at the same time
  8. Post sale – We coordinate/facilitate all elements related to transfer of your property to the buyer(s)

Communication – As the cornerstone of our customer service philosophy, Berman Property Solutions communicates frequently and openly with our clients during the entire transition process – from planning through execution – to ensure our clients feel comfortable and are well-informed.

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