Hybrid Real Estate Approach

Our Unique Hybrid Real Estate Approach

Since we are licensed Real Estate Brokers as well as Auctioneers, we can bring a unique approach to selling your real estate – in a timely manner that will maximize results.

How many stories have you heard of people listing their property with a real estate agent, only to be in the same place they started six months later?

Through our unique hybrid approach, we can offer your real estate through a traditional listing and a scheduled auction – at the same time! We will set a date for an auction, indicating what your minimum acceptable bid is. We will simultaneously list the property on MLS, LoopNet and market it through other means, offering it in the traditional way. By doing this, buyers have an opportunity to purchase the property immediately, under a “buy it now” price that we establish together. However, if a buyer does not present an acceptable offer before the scheduled date of the auction, we will conduct the auction – which puts an end date on the entire process. No more waiting in six month increments for your property to sell!

Our use of this hybrid approach has resulted in many success stories. In some cases, we sold the property through conventional means. In other cases, we went to auction. Please read our testimonials and our real case studies. Through this hybrid method, we have brought sellers tens of thousands of extra dollars beyond what they had expected to receive or would have accepted.

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