Downsizing – The Sale of Your Home

The sale of your home is a significant step in the downsizing process and can often be the one that requires the most careful planning. It is not only important to know what your destination is, but it is just as important to map the steps it will take to get there. Here are some things to keep in mind when it is time for you to sell your home:

Remember that your home is possibly your biggest asset. Over the years, your home may have appreciated greatly, meaning the value of your home may have gone up since you purchased it. That being said, you want to make sure you are handling the sale of your home with the plan that works best for you and your estate.

The selection of a real estate agent is critical. Because your home may be your biggest asset, it is vital to choose someone who is experienced in your specific situation, qualified for the job, as well as reliable and trustworthy in their field. While it may be easier to opt for a friend, acquaintance or relative who is a real estate agent, if you don’t have much information on their experience, it may be a good idea to talk to other agents to compare proposals.

Think about your goals and be prepared to discuss them. An important thing to note is that different goals call for different game plans. It is important to have a general idea of the result you’d like to achieve with the sale of your home. Consider things like this: What is prompting your downsizing and does it affect your goals for selling the real estate? Is getting the most money for your home your number one goal—even if it takes longer than you planned or you would like? Do you have a time constraint or deadline for selling your home? Are you willing to make home improvements prior to listing your home, or are you more interested in selling it “as-is”?

Know that there are alternative approaches available for selling your home.  Because we are both Realtors and Auctioneers, Berman Property Solutions can present a range of solutions to you. We can offer you options and will provide a customized plan tailored to your specific goals regarding selling your real estate. We are experienced in the traditional listing method, which is most commonly known and practiced. And we also have significant experience in what is known as “Auction-by-Choice”, where we set a date and agree on a minimum acceptable bid for the auction, market the property aggressively, schedule showings, and then sell the home to the highest registered bidder on the day of the auction. We also can offer our unique Hybrid Method, where we offer the home as a traditional listing with a “buy it now” price and schedule an Auction-by-Choice. If the home sells prior to the auction date, we cancel the auction.  If it does not sell before the scheduled auction date, then we go forward with the auction.

It is important to be aware of companies that may try to low-ball you. There are people/companies that will offer you cash for your home, right then and there. Most of the time, there is one investor who wants to buy low, renovate, and then sell high. This can result in your receiving a “low ball” price for your home. At Berman Property Solutions, we connect with hundreds of investors and make them aware of your listing—so that you ultimately benefit from multiple investors (and consumers) competing for your real estate, driving the selling price up.

The best approach to selling your real estate will be determined by your specific goals and needs. Berman Property Solutions listens carefully and then develops and shares a comprehensive, customized plan to achieve your specific goals. When the time is right, contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.