The Holidays – A Time for Celebration and Observation

As another holiday season is upon us, many of us gather with family and friends to celebrate.

In addition to this being a time for joy and gratitude, it is also a time for observation.  As you visit your elderly parent’s, grandparent’s or other senior friend’s home, take a moment to look around and observe…out of the love you have for them.  Assuring their safety and well-being are the biggest gifts you can give them.

Is their home free of clutter? Are there safe walkways, so no one will trip and fall?  Is the home clean? Are the appliances in good working order?  Is the home still in good repair?  Is there food in the refrigerator? Is the home pest free – no bugs scurrying around or mice droppings in corners or drawers?

If you find that things are not quite the way they used to be, it may be time to consider some options.  There are numerous resources available to help a senior adult continue to live at home and age in place.  Resources may include Personal Emergency Response Services (such as Lifeline or Life Alert), cleaning services, meals on wheels, pest control services (like Ransford Environmental Solutions), senior adult transportation, senior adult activities, senior day care and more.

Sometimes, continuing to live in a private home may not be the best option anymore.  It may be time to consider senior adult living options which offer a range of living arrangements, a variety of services, and the ability to step up to a higher level of care if and when the need may arise.

We have found that Aging Life Care Professionals (also known as Geriatric Social Workers) or organizations like JFCS (Jewish Family & Children’s Services) can help you and your loved one assess their situation, find and evaluate options, and select the best course of action – for the present timeframe and the future.  Contact us if you are looking for this kind of help – we can refer you to respected and experienced professionals. There are also numerous online resources available to help you become more informed on the subject.

If and when you determine that the next step is cleaning out and selling the house that your loved one has lived in – often for decades – Berman Property Solutions can help you.  We have helped many clients in this emotional and often-overwhelming situation work through the process of cleaning out and selling their house and moving into their new living situation.   We can quarterback the entire process, greatly reducing your stress, and delivering the highest level of service on your timeline and according to the financial goals you are seeking.