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Berman Property Solutions (formerly Berman Auctioneers and Appraisers) is a trusted resource for many types of professionals who are working with clients who are downsizing, moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home, managing an estate or dealing with a decedent estate.

We have served many types of professionals over the years, such as attorneys, bankers, and trust officers, and have expanded our practice to include professions such as senior caregiving advisors, funeral directors, CPAs and financial advisors, estate planners, and more. We specialize in dealing with complicated and messy situations, especially those which involve legal matters and family dynamics.

Berman Property Solutions will develop and execute a customized plan to address your client’s specific needs. Having 85 years of experience in quickly converting assets to cash at market value, in a non-contestable manner. We are experienced at working with professionals and bring the demeanor, accountability, solution orientation, communication skills and reporting capabilities that are essential in professional situations. We will take the entire project off of your hands by providing you with a single point of contact, managing the end-to-end process, and delivering desired results in a timely manner.

Berman provides the following services as a bundle or individually, depending on your client’s needs. For some services, we work with trusted partners, providing oversight and coordination, so that the entire process is seamless to you and your client, and runs effectively and efficiently.

Services which Berman Property Solutions provides:

  • Developing a customized solution for your client
  • Real estate brokerage –traditional real estate listings and sales
  • Real estate auctions
  • Our unique hybrid approach to selling real estate – offering a combination of traditional real estate listing and a planned auction
  • Personal property appraisals
  • A point of contact – coordinating with and overseeing the activities of trusted partners

Services where Berman Property Solutions collaborates with trusted partners:

  • Estate sales, personal property sales and liquidation
  • Personal property auctions
  • Personal property and real estate appraisals
  • Property management and repair
  • Packing, moving, unpacking, storage and clean out

The expertise of Mark Shear from Berman Property Solutions has been recognized through various designations from and affiliations with a number of professional organizations. Click here to visit the Accreditations section of the website for details.

To understand how we do our work, the superior results we have produced and how satisfied our clients have been with our services, click here to visit the Reviews section of our website.

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