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If you are an individual who is downsizing, or a family member who is dealing with the estate of a loved one who has passed away, or is helping a senior downsize or move to an assisted living or nursing home, you have a lot on your hands. You are probably feeling overwhelmed, stressed and don’t know where to turn – all of which is very normal, but creates a situation where it’s tough to get started. It’s hard enough when you are local. If you are trying to do this from a distance, you face an even bigger challenge.

Berman Property Solutions is here for you – to work closely with you to develop and execute a customized plan to address your specific needs. We have 85 years of experience helping people in transition and managing family dynamics in complex, trying and emotional situations – locally and from a distance. We understand the big picture and can address all of your needs related to the contents of the home and the sale of the real estate, and will maximize the cash you receive for your assets in the shortest amount of time possible. We will take on your headaches and reduce your stress by serving as a single point of contact and managing the entire process for you.

We provide the following services as a bundle or individually, depending on your needs. For some services, we work with trusted partners, and can provide oversight and coordination so that the entire process is seamless to you.

Services which Berman Property Solutions provides:

  • Providing guidance, outlining options and providing referrals
  • Real estate brokerage – traditional real estate listings and sales
  • Real estate auctions
  • Our unique hybrid approach to selling real estate – offering a combination of traditional real estate listings and a planned auction. Ask us about this!
  • Personal property appraisals
  • A single point of contact – coordinating with and overseeing the activities of trusted partners

Services where Berman Property Solutions collaborates with trusted partners:

  • Estate sales, personal property sales and liquidation
  • Personal property auctions
  • Personal property and real estate appraisals
  • Property management and repair
  • Packing, moving, unpacking, storage and clean out

The expertise of Mark Shear from Berman Property Solutions has been recognized by numerous organizations and he has earned many designations. Click here to visit the Accreditations section of the website for details.

To get a sense of how we do our work, the superior results we have produced and how satisfied our clients have been with our services, click here to visit the Reviews section of our website.

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