Moved to Assisted Living – Worcester, MA

  • Location: Worcester, MA
  • Timeframe: January 2015
  • Situation:
    • Father had passed away and elderly mother couldn’t take care of her house, so she moved into Assisted Living
    • Adult daughter was responsible for dealing with contents of house and the real estate
    • The daughter lived in a different state, was traveling a lot on business, felt overwhelmed by the accumulation of a lifetime and dealing with maintenance and repairs from afar.  She needed to get the job done in a timely manner.
  • The adult daughter knew that she wanted to go with the auction method for the real estate, to get the sale done in a timely manner
    • She hired Mark Shear from Berman Property Solutions to conduct the real estate auction
    • While preparing for the real estate sale, Mark coordinated with a trusted partner to address the personal property. He created an event – a tag sale was held on the day of the real estate auction to increase attendance and create excitement
  • The result exceeded expectations:
    • Mark Shear sold the real estate via auction and brought $141,100 vs. the advertised minimum bid of $75,000; $66,000 more than what the seller would have accepted
    • It was a cash deal and closed in 30 days
  • The moral of the story:
    • Auctions are not just for distressed properties or foreclosure situations. Buyers do not “steal” the property. In this case, Mark Shear maximized results in a minimum amount of time, and took the entire headache (personal property and real estate) off of the seller’s hands

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